Nominated: Debut Novel & Last Laugh Awards at CrimeFest 2022

Shaking Hands With The Devil


What happens when a serial killer and a hapless detective start to get on each other’s nerves?

30 years since the first draft, this hilarious black comedy can at last be read.

Clifton Gentle is an apparently ordinary man without very much to distinguish him. Not much, that is, apart from being a serial killer leaving bits of young men scattered over North London. 

Dave Hicks is the flawed detective determined to catch him, but his attempts to capture the man he calls ‘the nutter’ through a combination of hunches, sheer optimism and personal abuse do not go well. All that turns up are yet more body parts. 

In a London dogged by growing sleaze and an IRA bombing campaign, the gruesome murders spur a crazily over-the-top media and merchandising frenzy. 

An increasingly personal feud ends up in a race against time as murderer, detective, a would-be victim, and a deranged copycat killer each try to find out what – or who – they blame for their predicament.

"A twisted and twisting tale…Few authors can pull off darkly comic detective fiction like Carl Hiaasen, But Bryan J Mason is one…A great read"
Mike Bullen
Writer and Creator of Cold Feet

Once thought ahead of its time, the moment has finally arrived for this outrageous black comedy crime noir novel

Reviews... ' The author expertly combines comedy with tiptoeing into the sinister underbelly of society... A great read' - M Wiltshire, Amazon.
' A wonderful Romp' - A Ursell, Amazon
'Full of Black humour...pacy and written with marvellous wit'- Deb's Book Reviews
'Unusual, for all the right reasons' - Bobs and Book Reviews
'A satirical tale from a master wit at his quirky, provacative best' - crime fiction critic
'If you love crime with a funny (albeit dark) side, give this book a go.' - Beyond the Books
'i read some odd books at times, and this is right up there...odd usually leads to a really cracking read, whcih is absolutely the case here'- donna morfett
'Funny book whcih had me sniggering a lot and laughing out loud...definitely worth a read' -lynda checkley
'raskalnikov meets ignatius j reilly' - skybatwig, amazon
'finely balanced humour and high drama with great characterisations and wonderful language. i couldnt put this book down' - Carolyn, Amazon
'there is a ton of wit and intriguing writing that really kept me engaged' - jessica belmont, Goodreads
'mason is definitely an author to appreciate as he gives a lot of respect to his craft'- natalie 'curling up with a coffee and a kindle' - goodreads
'a must for those who like their satire as black as night'-David prestidge, goodreads


Bryan J Mason

Bryan J Mason has always been unusual.

He wrote this novel in London in the late 1980s, but reluctantly concluded that he was a failed author after he and his  agent were rejected by publishers at the time. He thought that he ought to go on and be a failure at something else. Which largely he has.  Determined to finally get it read, he redrafted it and…here it is.

In the intervening years he has worked as a brush salesman and rent collector, made sound effects for BBC Radio and been a tax inspector and occasional actor. He writes regular theatre reviews for StageTalk Magazine and Bristol 24/7.  Theatre reviews are available here:

Shaking Hands with the Devil is Bryan’s first novel. He is now looking for representation and publication for his second noir serial killer comedy featuring Harry Epstein, a Jewish detective caught up in the turbulence of the Troubles in Northern Ireland called An old Tin Can.
He lives in Bristol with his wife and has two children in their twenties

Bryan J Mason is proud to be a member of the Crime Writers Association. 

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Thanks also to Donna Morfett for a fab chat with Little Miss Morfett available on Audible and BBC Radio Bristol’s Steve Yabsley for a great interview.

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please feel free to contact bryan. he writes about nasty stuff, but is nice really.
find him on social media.