The humour and wit that was combined throughout this read was just incredible.

The author immediately showed me that he has a way with words. I was so taken aback at how this author created something so immensely disturbing to something that was completely dark and comical. For the plot of the story being centred around a serial killer the humour and wit that was combined throughout this read was just incredible.

The characters are unique and you can’t decide if you love them or hate them. What I found incredibly interesting was that Hicks was a bit of a moron for a DCIi but one that was perfectly fitting to try and track down what was going on it the depths of London. I suppose what additionally stood out with this one was it got the public and journalists involved in a way with conferences that were held. Usually in these sorts of reads you find that it’s the DCI and the ‘murderers’ so this was different to me. I loved the way the writing flickered between the different perspectives and the way the book was split up into parts.

I did enjoy that I felt I was there in the 80s reliving some of my earliest memories or memories I remember my parents moaning about as such. It’s a really fast enjoyable paced read if you love a bit of gore and the thrill of the chase. The author really creates two worlds of light heard dark humour of those two even go hand in hand and quite serious gory crime elements. This was the perfect Sunday read for me and I enjoyed my partner and my kids glaring at me with every moment I laughed out loud. – Twilight Reader


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