I couldn’t put it down

A book that I would say is a black comedy crime thriller, and I loved every word. The story takes place in the days that heralded the end of Margaret Thatcher. We meet two serial killers and a copper. D.C.I Dave Hicks is the one tasked with discovering who is leaving  body parts around and about. Clifton Gentle is the serial killer in question, and unknown to Hicks there is a copycat too.

A unique, humorous, and dark take on a serial killer story with twists that just keep going. I spent the majority of time either sniggering, smiling, or just laughing.

Shaking Hands With The Devil is a truly different book in that I was cheering the killer on! I willed him to get away so many times that it’s funny for that on its own. The little details of the era added an authenticity to the setting with the IRA threats and even the Margaret Thatcher reign with John Major popping his head up, too. I felt like Bryan.J.Mason had taken me back to my childhood years of the 80s.

I thoroughly enjoyed this comedy of errors that entertained me for a day and would say that if you love crime with a funny (albeit dark) side give this book a go, I bet you read it in no more than 3 sittings, I know I couldn’t put it down anyway.  – Sharon Rimmelzwaan


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