Dark, but funny and a real page turner

I read some odd books at times, and this is right up there with them. However I find that odd usually lead to a really cracking read which is absolutely the case here.
Clifton Gentle is anything but. A serial killer, active for years, discarding body parts all over London, is suddenly under pressure, as DCI Hicks is on the case!
Hicks is an odious creature. Self aggrandising, arrogant, fat, loud, oblivious, and dumb as anything. He is full of malaproprisms. Not helped by his ridiculous mother!
This is full of dark humour and some very clever naming, which I won’t spoil by pointing out,but thought was a great little touch by the author.
It was a case where I hoped the killer would escape, at all times I hoped he’d escape justice. A very unusual turn of events for someone who chops up bodies!
There are lots of little asides that move action and characters along with seamless perfection.
The descriptions of 1980s London, the heat, steaming, dirty streets,IRA bomb threats, Thatcher and John Major all added to the atmosphere.  A really cracking read that I have enjoyed every single page of. 5*  – Donna Morfett

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