A superb dark comedy thriller set in seedy 1980s London

This is a wonderful and very well written romp through seedy 1980s London, full of daft and dark humour with wit a plenty and very evocative of the time. I appreciated the irony of the naming of the three new cadets – Oldfield, Abbeline and Slipper – all men who failed to get their man, and the various characters in the story all bearing serial killer surnames. I loved Dave’s misquotes, eg “grasp the balls by the horn” (think DelBoy from OFAH) and his complete lack of tact and diplomacy. It’s definitely more Sweeney than PC! Some of Clifton’s thoughts are quite deep. Dave’s are most definitely not! Unless they involve Mum’s home cooking, of course. The ending was superb and I can say I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish!

Alyson R, Amazon Reviewer 5*

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